Star Spotting: Jessie J Could Literally Be A Radio City Rockette If She Wanted

Jessie J kicks her leg up really effing high while performing at Hackney Weekend.

We always knew Jessie J was vocally flexible (vocal range of, what, 1,000 octaves or something?). But we had no clue the "Domino" singer was like aaaactually flexible. As in, Jessie J can quite literally kick her leg higher than a Radio City Rockette while wearing studded heeled boots, no less. Looks like that broken leg has healed nicely.

Jessie and her high kick were snapped while performing at day 2 of the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend. While we're positive the audience was mesmerized by the fact that Jessie has one of the best set of pipes in pop, we're finding it exceptionally difficult to talk about anything other than her freak-of-nature kicking capabilities. So we'll continue: Is Jessie almost making an 180-degree angle right there? Like seriously, whip out your protractors.

Photo credit: Getty Images