The Buzz On: Lola Monroe

 Who is Lola Monore, and why is she ALL OVER THE INTERNET?

Another week another video vixen trying to become a rapper, right? Not really. Do read on.

Wiz Khalifa's new First Lady of Taylor Gang, Lola Monroe, started popping up in music videos and urban men's mags in the mid-2000s, most notably as the only good part in the otherwise forgettable video for Lloyd Banks' "Cake," which was really the only good part in Banks' otherwise forgettable 2006 album, Rotten Apple.

Lola seemed like pretty much every other video girl with a "generous rear endowment," but it's hard out here for a female rapper, and the opportunities to break in don't come often. The Nicki Minaj comparisons are obvious though not entirely off base. Nicki did the model-to-rapper route too, and that's worked out pretty well for everyone. (It's also not like male rappers don't do the same thing. 2 Chainz spent a decade carrying Ludacris' Louis Vuitton backpack, and that's also worked out pretty well for everyone.) So, despite YouTube comments, hopefully we're getting to a point in our collective rap consciousness where we can stop evaluating lady rappers on nothing but their lady parts and focus mostly on the music. It's as easy Nicki Minaj copping some camouflage, word to my favorite Rick Ross song.

+ Find out more about Lola Monroe and "Gettin' To It" after the jump.

Oh, so, it turns out Lola can actually rap, and she's been doing so for a few years now. Her first mixtape was good enough to catch the ear of Louisiana's chosen son, Lil Boosie, and the two released a whole mixtape together, which is a pretty impressive co-sign for any rapper. Two years later the collaboration culminated in the amazing (for obvious reasons) "Green Light Special" video. After that Lola kicked around camps for awhile, she was seen with 50 Cent for a minute, that seemed promising but nothing really ever came out of that relationship. There was another crucial co-sign when Lola collaborated on an entire mixtape with Trina, one of the last female rappers from the Era Of Golden Record Sales still holding on to some relevance these days. Lola had a scene-stealing verse last year on country rap stalwart P. Watts' most recent album, murdering a Zaythoven beat like she thinks she's Gucci Mane. Then, last fall Lola started popping up on the odd Wiz Khalifa freestyle and has been rocking with the Taylor Gang ever since.

She's released a couple songs this year, "Dark Red Lipstick", a TLC homage that sees Lola singing the hook from "No Scrubs" despite the fact that she says she doesn't sing. There was a pretty damn solid "Stay Schemin" freestyle. And then that brings us to her summer banger, "Gettin' To It," with Wiz Khalifa. It's been showing up on the front page of every music blog on the internet, with good reason. So, that's the Buzz On: Lola Monroe, countdown to this chick and Nicki finally hopping on a track together and the resulting video crashing World Star.

+ Listen to Lola Monroe featuring Wiz Khalifa, "Gettin' To It" (NSFW Lyrics).

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