T.I. Wantz The OMG Girlz To Stop Gyrating In Their 'Where The Boys At?'

Remember the golden days of late '90s/ early aughts girl groups? When Destiny's Child, 3LW and Blaque ruled the airwaves? The OMG Girlz are bringing that era back -- PRAISES! -- serving up some fresh girl group realness in the new clip for their single, "Where The Boys At?" Although since it's 2012 (or so I've heard), the girls all have neon hair and pastel hi-tops. And we're so not mad. In fact, that bit of choreography where the girls comb through their weaves with their fingers? It's going to be our new signature dance move at, like, every wedding.

The OMG Girlz -- known individually as Miss Star (werque!), Miss Beauty (werque!) and Miss Babydoll (and werque!) -- also get some assistance from T.I. (it helps that he's Star's dad) in the Bryan Barber-directed clip. (We're not at all jealous -- T.I. was a guest at our last beach party, too.) In the final sequence, Tip crashes the girls' beach party to reel in the sunny festivities: "OMG SMH exclamation point exclamation point sad face!" he yells while encouraging the girlz to stop all that gyrating. (S*** dads say!) "Get back in that boat and put on your loose pajamas, onesies and fuzzy slippers!"

Luckily, the girls, whose Official Miss Guided album drops Oct. 2 -- don't seem to take it too hard -- not even a scolding from T.I. can damper their pretty-girl swag.

+ Watch The OMG Girlz' "Where the Boys At?" video, and watch T.I. and Tiny and The OMG Girlz on "106th And Park."