New Video: Jake Miller, 'Runnin'

Watch 'Runnin,' Jake Miller's version of 'Romeo and Juliet.'

It's Miller time, guys! Not as in the beer (this is a family blog!). As in Jake Miller, the fresh-faced 19-year-old rapper whom we're pretty sure will be a household name like, five minutes ago.

We've already brought you his "What I Wouldn't Give" video and premiered (hairflip!) his socially conscious video, "I'm Alright." Today, let's get into "Runnin," Jake's brand-new video that's a take on "Romeo and Juliet," if Romeo and Juliet had access to YouTube. And running water and cars and stuff.

Watch Jake Miller's "Runnin" video after the jump.

In the video, Jake (let's call him Romeo) falls in love with a pretty girl (and let's call her Juliet.) The young couple is totally obsessed with each other, but they're stopped at every turn by feuding families. The couple is distraught over being torn apart à la Diggy in his "Four Letter Word" video, and, well, we'll just let Jake himself tell it:

"I can honestly say that 'Runnin' is my favorite song I've made, and the video was my favorite to shoot," he told us. "I fall in love with a girl, but her dad doesn't approve of our relationship and keeps getting in between the two of us. But you'll have to watch the video yourself to see how it ends."


+ Watch Jake Miller's "Runnin" video