Watch Flo Rida's Ridiculously Funny 'Let It Roll' Dance Video

Chances are the club cannot handle Keith Apicary in Flo Rida's new video.

There are heroes like firefighters and Spider-Man, and then there's Nathan Barnatt, better known on the internet as Keith Apicary, whom you may remember from that time he infamously rolled into Kimberly Cole's dance audition. Well, he's back with a starring role in Flo Rida's "Let It Roll" video, which sees the L.A. comedian and video game aficionado hitting the club like a pro.

Rocking a sweatshirt that hasn't been in style since the Reagan administration and jeans he may have stolen from a California gold rush museum, he breaks new ground for dorky balding-guy dancing. The man's popping, locking and going nuts on the dance floor, the poolside bar, the private jet and anywhere his magic feet can take him. Apicary makes Thom Yorke look like Usher -- and Usher look like Mikhail Baryshnikov, pre-"Sex and the City."

Apicary is as inspirational as he is funny, which Flo Rida clearly gets. Kinda like how The Black Keys left the dancing to Derrick T. Tuggle in their "Lonely Boy" video, Flo doesn't appear at all in the video, instead giving his pal the chance to shine, delivering an upbeat club track that should get you moving with or without grampaw jeans.

Flo Rida's Wild Ones album will bring the good times on July 3. The rapper's heading out on a monthlong tour with Cee Lo Green and B.o.B that week -- better start practicing your moves.

Oh, and this certainly isn't the last you've heard from Keith Apicary -- you'll be seeing even more of him in Kimberly Cole and Eddie Amador's upcoming "U Make Me Wanna" video, featuring Garza, as evidenced in the photos after the jump.

+ Watch Flo Rida's "Let It Roll" video.