Submit Your Fan Questions For Kylie Minogue!

Ask Kylie Minogue anything!

The only thing better than watching Kylie Minogue's new "Timebomb" video on repeat is watching it on repeat AND THEN being able to ask Kylie how the HELL her bod looks that amazing at 44!! She's gotta be drinking some magical green shake from her "Moulin Rouge" days or something. Luckily for us and for you, we can ask her all about it.

Kylie's coming to MTV next week, and she wants to answer all of your Buzzworthy fan questions! Feel free to ask Kylie anything, like about her plans for her K25 celebration, which is a yearlong celebration of her 25-year career.  Or, you could just do me a giant fave and ask Kylie how it feels to be so flawless.

+ Leave your questions for Kylie Minogue, along with your Twitter handle, in the comments section of this post!

Photo credit:  EMI