POSTED: Usher Really Wants Justin Bieber To Stop Farting!

As you're surely aware, Usher just dropped his new album, Looking 4 Myself, which went straight to No. 1. And, he's also MTV's POSTED artist for June, which means we've been diligently following his every move all month (not that we don't already) at So, basically it's the Summer of Ush up in here.

Last week Usher got us "Caught Up" (GET IT?) on his new movie role and new song "Twisted." And this week, Usher dropped some Justin Bieber bro-to-bro knowledge on us. Specifically some bomb-dropping, gas-related knowledge.

Watch Usher discuss giving advice to Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber's fart problem after the jump!

In this POSTED video below, Usher discusses being Justin Bieber's mentor. (In case you just moved to this planet, Usher gave Justin his big break waaay back in the day.) It's safe to say that Justin hardly leads the most normal life, but Usher insists that Justin still has typical teen moments.

"On the topic of getting advice from me, that's when [Justin] is a teenager. No teenager likes getting advice from their... elder," Usher said. (Oh, by the way, watch Usher adorably pause to dwell on the word "elder." As if Usher isn't aging like a Bordeaux.) But mostly, Usher says that Justin doesn't really need much advice these days. "The real cool part about him as a person is he stands by what he feels." It's both stoopid adorable and a total student-becomes-the-master "Star Wars" situation (minus the creepy Vader master-of-evil vibes).

Finally, Usher reveals a rather indiscreet issue Justin's struggling with: his uncontrollable farting. Usher claims that Justin Bieber even farted in front of PRESIDENT OBAMA. I don't know, man. I wasn't there, but I'm standing by ye olde you-smelt-it-you-dealt-it maxim.

+ Watch Usher discuss giving Justin Bieber advice and reveal Justin Bieber's farting problem.