Video Premiere: Cobra Starship, '#1Nite' Featuring My Name Is Kay

Watch Cobra Starship and My Name Is Kay have the best time ever in their '#1Nite' video.

We first told you about Cobra Starship's crazy-infectious dance track "#1Nite" back in July of last year. But team Cobra recently gave the song a makeover by adding in power-pop songstress My Name Is Kay and (with no disrespect to the original!!) totally upped the ante.

Watch Cobra Starship's "#1Nite" video, featuring My Name Is Kay after the jump. 

The Cobra crew and My Name Is Kay recently filmed the official "#1 Nite" video, and unsurprisingly it includes copious debauchery, partying and straight-up wildin'. At the top of the clip, My Name Is Kay and Cobra frontman Gabe Saporta hop in their car for a quickie road trip to Vegas. The duo hits the casino, plays a riveting game of air hockey and then finds their way into an abandoned parking lot (natch) for an impromptu dance party.

Next, it's time for a quick drive down the famed Vegas strip and a brief cameo at the Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace (what up, product placement). The video comes to a close when we see Kay and Gabe ending their evening of outrageousness in the most baller way possible: by having eggs and potatoes at the local diner. Because nothing says "I'm a hard-core partier" like a three-egg scramble with ketchup.

+ Watch Cobra Starship's "#1Nite" video, featuring My Name Is Kay.