Watch New Cassettes' 'PUSH Live' 'Bite Your Lip' Performance (VIDEO)

Watch New Cassettes perform a handsome live version of 'Bite Your Lip.'

If New Cassettes ever give up on this whole rock star thing, dudes might have a serious future on the runway. In their "PUSH Live" performance of "Bite Your Lip," singer Tom Stubbs rocks the chunky glasses, a skinny suit and mewelry he-bracelets. But their perfect style is second only to their pitch-perfect post-punk anthems.

The jagged "Bite Your Lip" gets an equally choppy video treatment in this live take on the song, with the band commanding a graffiti'd old building like it's the Staples Center and Bono's watching from backstage, questioning whether he should upgrade his frames. The British act's sharp songwriting chops are thanks to seven years together, though they're only on their sophomore album; Winterhead was released on April 3. And if the album sounds especially sparkly, it's thanks to production by pop guru Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne.

But for their "PUSH Live" performance, the quintet doesn't need any special treatment, only stacks of amps and your full attention. And maybe those sicks glasses -- next season's trends aren't gonna set themselves, after all. Grab your Warby Parkers and dig in below.

+ Watch New Cassettes' "PUSH Live" "Bite Your Lip" performance.