Lindsay Lohan Puts On A Fur Coat, Morphs Into Elizabeth Taylor... THIS IS HAPPENING!! (PHOTO)

You might expect that after a pretty dramatic week (police, paramedics and porn stars, oh my!), Lindsay Lohan would look a little downtrodden. She might look kinda haggard, since she was found unconscious from exhaustion at her hotel room last Friday.

But does Lindsay Lohan look like any of those things? No. No, she does not. She looks, quite frankly, like a vision of elegance, all dressed up as Elizabeth Taylor for her part in the upcoming biopic "Liz & Dick." In the above photo, taken today in Los Angeles, Lindsay was filming scenes in front of a private jet, wearing oversize sunglasses and the most luxurious (and def not PETA-approved) fur coat we've ever seen. And the handbag! It's so whatever, you guys. She's just being Lindsay. Because being a celebrity means having paramedics called to your room when you oversleep from your nap, then being spotted a few days later being a total glamour puss. Meeee-rrrow!

My personal hope? After she finishes shooting her next few movies, I'm gunning for Lindsay to return to her music career. Which -- spoiler alert! -- is totally what I'm writing about tomorrow in my column, "Pop Think." Come back for that tomorrow, cause it's about to get "Bossy" up in here, beyotches.

Photo credit: Miguel Aguilar/Nathanael Jones,