MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: White Arrows

Los Angeles rockers White Arrows are open-minded dudes: Like Fool's Gold or Vampire Weekend, the band has a sound that's equal parts indie edge and global groove. The band's gotten hometown love from L.A. Weekly and KCRW. The influential L.A. radio station praised the band for their live performance -- a skill White Arrows had a chance to master with a monthlong residency at an Echo Park club in 2011, an L.A. indie rite of passage. With their chops honed, the group headed to Europe this spring to rock festivals like Liverpool Sound City and The Great Escape. They've even gotten the attention of Justin Timberlake (!!!) who said of their "Get Gone" video, "Cool video. Song reminds me of Phil Collins: 'Take Me Home.'" High praise, indeed.

In addition to possibly bringing sexy back, White Arrows are making the most of the world's current fruit situation: "[Guitarist JP Caballero] listened to an NPR special about bananas, and how in 20 years or something there will be far less bananas," frontman Mickey Church explains. "He would start eating 20 to 40 bananas a day." Potassium: crucial! Beyond the vitamins though, the band also made sure their musical chemistry was cool with the universe before recording their debut album, Dry Land is Not a Myth, which dropped last Tuesday. "We went to an astrologer and made sure our signs were OK," JP says. The stars are definitely aligning for White Arrows.

+ Watch White Arrows play the song live below. And check out more performances and interviews after the jump.

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