Lady Gaga Goes To Bed Looking Like Brigitte Bardot, Obvs (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga channels Brigitte Bardot before bed.

While we go to bed plastered in zit masks, antiwrinkle under-eye cream, and wearing our Katy Perry-like retainer, Lady Gaga hits the hay effortlessly looking like the elegant French fashion model/actress, Brigitte Bardot. This basically proves two things: Our evening regimen is the reason we don't get invited to slumber parties, and that Mother Monster CANNOT be human.

The "Marry The Night" singer tweeted the flawless pic along with the supersweet caption "Having the best time. Night night lil' cuties. I can hear you singing from my balcony." We're not sure if she's "having the best time" because she just finished brushing her hair 100 times before heading to bed like a proper beauty queen (do people really do that?!), or if she's really talking about the supposed date she had with ex-beau Taylor Kinney while in Australia? Either way, we're digging her re-creations of classic beauties. First, it was Marilyn Monroe, now Brigitte Bardot. We can only imagine which relic she'll take on next: Cleopatra? Judy Garland? "the Fonz?" -- well Joe Calderone wasn't that far off, guys.

Photo credit: @ladygaga