Watch Cloud Nothings' 'PUSH Live' 'Stay Useless' Performance (VIDEO)

Cloud Nothings, still anything but 'Useless.'

Cloud Nothings are many things -- punk rockers, cartoon characters, "good vibes" haters -- but "unstoppable live band" should probably top the list. For the group's "PUSH Live" performance, the band took to an abandoned warehouse to let it rip. The industrial venue looks more like the set of a future "Walking Dead" episode than, say, their last New York gig, but if there's any act we'd trust to properly score a superintense zombie apocalypse, it's these guys. (OK, and Black Sabbath, but only with Bill Ward on drums. Kiss and make up over some fresh bat already, Ozzy.)

Cloud Nothings' "PUSH Live" performance finds surprisingly adorkable frontman Dylan Baldi (he looks kinda like Conor Oberst if Conor Oberst smiled) getting his growl on. But it's drummer Jayson Gerycz, with his a blur of cymbal crashes and Dave Grohl hair, who we can't stop watching. We're not the only ones who are a little bit (actually a lot) obsessed: The band's Attack On Memory just made Spin's top 40 albums of the year so far, a chart the Cleveland band might just conquer by December -- if the zombies don't get to them first. Turn up your speakers and hang on to your brains below.

+ Watch Cloud Nothings' "PUSH Live" performance of "Stay Useless."

Photo credit: Gemma Harris