Please Don't Smoke, Hilary Duff! (PHOTO)

UM, please put that butt out, Hilary Duff!

OK, so here are our thoughts on this whole "OMG Hilary Duff is smoking but she just had a baby!!!" thing. PLEASE STOP HILARY!! We love you and all, but you just created your amazing, perfect, adorable family. There's really no need to add cigarettes into the equation. Hilary was caught puffing up after a recent visit to Rock & Reilly's pub in Los Angeles, and no, the fact that she looks totally stunning while doing so doesn't make it better.

While we can't be sure, we have a hunch that the new mom might be using smoking as a way to curb her appetite. And Hil, we're not at all opposed to a few weight-loss shortcuts. After all, you did just push an effing live being out of your womb, and surely that entitles you to do whatever the hell you want. While you may have taken to Twitter to vehemently deny what it looks like, we'd still like to offer a few alternatives to smoking. Perhaps it's best to try and stick to eating well, working out with your sister Haylie, and lifting that cute baby boy of yours, which incidentally must be an 8-pound arm workout in itself. Three sets of 12 reps and you are good to go!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News