Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Holds His Baby Brother, Jaxon, On The Red Carpet

Jaxon Bieber was Justin Bieber's date to the MMVAs. 

Just when you thought that maaaaybe you were going to get a one-day break from our obsession with Justin Bieber photos, Justin decided to pose with his baby brother, Jaxon, and well, clearly all bets were off. Though, why would you ever need a break from gawking at pics of Justin Bieber when he's capable of looking like THIS? But moving right along...

Justin was snapped arriving at the MuchMusic Video Awards last night in Toronto. In addition to looking totally Louvre-quality himself (uhh, those arms are a total gun show) Justin decided to bring Jaxon as his date. Pardon us, did we say "bring?" Because we actually meant "cradle" and "protect" like the cutest daddy in training! WE KNOW, too soon to make Justin Bieber baby-daddy jokes (please refer to "Maria"), but what the hell else are we supposed to think about when there's an adorable mini-Bieber in our midst?!

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Photo credit: Getty Images