Cody Simpson Stars In New PETA Ad, Looks Hot And Cuddles Puppies Simultaneously (PHOTO)

Cody Simpson cozies up with an cute pup for PETA.

Cody Simpson and an adorable dog in the same photo? How is the internet even still alive? Are you all right where you are?! If we could, we would take off work to sit at home in our A/C and stare at this all day long. (For the record, I am doing that right now and it's pretty AH-mazing. But moving right along...)

Cody has just released his brand-new "Make Your Animals' Life Paradise" PETA ad. And yes, we know this ad is for a great cause (CUTE ANIMALS!), but is it OK if we just take a quick second to call out how foxy Cody looks in his promo shot? Because HELLLOOOOW, that hair alone.

The slogan "Make Your Animals' Life A Paradise" is not only good advice for all animal lovers and pet owners, but it's also a hat tip to the "Got Me Good" singer's new EP out this week, aptly titled Preview To Paradise. In his own words, Cody urges: "Never leave your dog in a hot car... It's important to speak up if you ever come across a situation like that ... I wouldn't leave the situation until it's been resolved and everything's OK." So please, go out and cop Cody's new EP, and also respect all animals!! Or better yet, play your animals Cody's new record! (Too much of a stretch? Well don't just us, but that's exactly what we're doing.)

Photo credit: Zach Cordner/PETA