Star Spotting: We're Beginning To Think Lady Gaga's A Secret Spy

Lady Gaga gives us her best glam film noir pose.

We love the mystery that is Lady Gaga -- you just never know what to expect. Hair dresses! Meat dresses! Perfume that smells like belladonna tears!). So we're totally on board with Mother Monster's current mysterious film noir look. Maybe she's testing out another personality -- Agent "Poker Face," perhaps?

The "Marry The Night" singer shared the spy-chic pic on her Twitter along with the caption, "Time for hair and makeup Brisbane. In my dressing room. Ready to Pop. X Mother Monster" Technically, there's no reference to anything spy-centric in the caption, but MAYBE THAT'S BECAUSE SHE CAN'T TELL US SHE'S A SPY! Oh, and while we're on the subject, NICE JOB tricking us into thinking we're supposed to believe people show up to get their makeup and hair done already looking that GORG. WE'RE ONTO YOU, GAGALOO!

We're just happy Gaga seems to be back to normal after her recent head trauma. We were kinda concerned that the blow to her head would cause some sort of fashion amnesia and turn her into a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. Clearly, we had nothing to worry about.

Photo credit: @ladygaga