POSTED: Usher Talks About His Sexy Song, 'Twisted' & His Pizza Face Days

Usher Stans, you obviously know that Ush is MTV's POSTED artist for the month of June, but we're gonna go off the record and unofficially just call this the Summer of Usher since his Looking 4 Myself album just dropped (and so did his shirt). OK, great. Now that that's out of the way, and now that we've got the scoop on his adults-only single, "Climax," we've got even more Usher "Confessions."

Watch Usher talk about acne and his thoughts on "Twisted" after the jump!

First up, Usher lets us in on a secret about a struggle he had during his teenage years: acne. Puberty was not kind to the guy, and we learn from his "When I Was 17" clip that the flawless face we drool over now used to be covered in zits! Usher admits he was called "pizza face" (sadz!) and even had a hard time succeeding with the ladies. Proof: It really does get better, guys.

Next, we get insider info on Usher's new song, "Twisted." Aside from looking brilliant in his glasses during the interview, Usher offers some philosophical thoughts on the new tune: "Twisted is more of a nostalgic record... This was our way to tie it [R&B trends] all together and give you something different that you probably wouldn't get from me." Usher then offers wisdom on his longevity in the music business (and life): "Life is a workout. It's like a treadmill... you gotta be with it." Annnd that concludes our "Deep Thoughts With Usher" segment of the day.

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