Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Pledges Allegiance To The Beliebers

Justin Bieber clutches his heart while performing his free concert in Mexico.

We know that being in front of cameras 24/7 is gonna catch you in some pretty odd-looking expressions (just ask John Mayer's face), but this photo of Justin Bieber on stage totally looks like he's experiencing one hell of an emo moment... or perhaps he's pledging allegiance. Wait, do Canadians do that, too? J/K! (But seriously, social studies was never my best subject.)

The Believe singer was snapped performing during his free concert (you read that right: GRATIS) in Mexico last night during what seems to be a super emotional clutching of his chest. While we're pretty confident he was belting out a heartfelt ballad (probably thinking of Selena Gomez the whole time), we'd like to imagine that Justin was taking some time to pledge some promises to his fans. Maybe he pledged to always remain ever so good at Twitter? Perhaps he also promised to keep making songs like "Beauty and a Beat" that inspire us to stay on the treadmill for six minutes as opposed to our usual four? Hey, we didn't get invited to the FREE concert (RUDE!), so, yo, Mexican Beliebers, tell us what went down, 'kay?

Photo credit: Splash News