New Video: Usher, 'Scream'

Usher listening for our screams. Because he can hear us.

If Usher plans on making "Scream" the song of the summer like he hopes, he has to BRING IT with an awesome video to boot. Luckily, Ursh knew that was the case. In the dance-heavy video, we witness Usher execute his unrivaled dance moves (sorry, Bieber, not even you can werque it like Urshr) while attempting to make us scream.

Watch Usher's "Scream" video after the jump.

"Scream" is the second single from Looking 4 Myself, Usher's seventh studio album. And in the clip, we're fortunate enough to get two shows for the price of one. The second half of the video features footage from Usher's performance in the acrobatic Off-Broadway hit "Fuerza Bruta," in which he shares the stage with a lady, doing what he does best (next to dancing): consensual adult things. If Usher wants a summer smash, recent history and this clip point to exactly that happening.

Oh, and this doesn't hurt either.

+ Watch Usher's "Scream" video.

Photo credit: Jordan Wright