Watch Justin Bieber In The Studio Recording 'As Long As You Love Me' (VIDEO)

Justin rips the vocals for 'As Long As You Love Me' in the studio.

We already fell for Justin Bieber's Big Sean-assisted "As Long As You Love Me," and now Biebs is giving fans a sneak peek behind the recording session that produced that very gem. And look, we're not trying to be ungrateful or anything but we're kinda totally over all these previews. It's like, can the damn album just come out already so we can finally throw our Justin Bieber-themed in-home karaoke party? We know, we know--beggars can't be choosers.

In Justin's latest "Making of BELIEVE Webisode" we see JB, Rodney Jerkins and Kuk Harrell go hard as they lay down several takes of Justin's vocals. Bieber looks like a pro in the vocal booth as he perfects and polishes his riffs. Rodney and Kuk on the other hand seem to be loving what they hear, which is probably dollar signs since this record is going straight to No. 1. Oh, and did we mention that even while in the studio with mad famous producers Justin invites his mom, Pattie Mallette? Because he's JUST THAT GOOD A SON. Swoonsville!

+ Watch Justin Bieber recording "As Long As You Love Me."

Photo credit: Ben Watts/UMG