Star Spotting: Cheryl Cole Wears Head-To-Toe Dots, Still Looks Chic

Cheryl Cole is basically wearing a polka dot onesie.

You don't need a "Telescope" to spot Cheryl Cole in this outfit guys (I know, I know sorry). In fact, Cheryl may be the only woman in the history to wear head-to-toe polka dots and not look like she was en route to a 3-year-old's birthday party. Also, it's no secret that circles splattered all over one's body isn't the most flattering print out there, yet somehow Cheryl still looks like she just came off a 72-day green juice cleanse. Everything about her is amazing.

The "Call My Name" singer was snapped while en route to the BBC 1 Radio Studio in London, and if you look closely, you'll see that even Cheryl's shoes have little dots on them. We know Rachel Zoe is probably all like: "Worst-dressed list! Too matchy-matchy! Die!" And to that we (hypothetically) say, Chill, sweetie. Cheryl looks fierce.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News