Lucy Hale Will Put Out Music On Hollywood Records! No Lie!

Lucy Hale is the newest member of Hollywood Records!!!

It's been QUITE the busy month for Lucy Hale. Along with her dramatic day job on "Pretty Little Liars," which just started its third season, Lucy is adding a new title to her résumé: rising music superstar. Following in the footsteps of other Hollywood Records label mates like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale's pulling double duty as an actress and a singer. Two-fer! However, Lucy may differ a bit from Demi and Selena by bringing a country pop sound to the mix, since Aria Lucy cites Shania Twain and Faith Hill as her early musical influences.

As far as Lucy's concerned though, she tweeted, "Its going to be diff from anything you've ever heard from the label and not what you'd expect from me."

While details are still under wraps about her forthcoming record, we're still way into her stint as a guest host on Punk'd. Go watch that while we blow into a dandelion puff and hope this actresses-turned-singers thing spreads, because we'd also really like albums from Emilia Clarke and Jessica Paré. And also Joe Manganiello.

+ Watch Lucy Hale on Punk'd:

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