Taylor Momsen Is Obsessed With Puppies, Sunglasses & Die Antwoord (VIDEO)

Taylor is as enthusiastic about puppies as she is about some terrifying South African performance artists.

When we first thought about bringing The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen in for a round of "10 Things I'm Obsessed With," I have to admit I was a little concerned all 10 of them might be scary goth references I didn't get. Not the case! Turns out the "Just Tonight" singer is into her puppy, her guitar (named "The Punisher"), The Beatles and writing songs: "You write a lot of bad songs before you write good ones. And when you write a good one, it's the best feeling on the planet. And then having fans sing them back to you is the second best feeling on the planet."

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Of course it wouldn't be a Taylor Momsen confessional if she didn't throw in something unfrilly -- she revealed that she's a die-hard Die Antwoord fan. Specifically, a Die Antwoord music video fan: Put simply, the South African rap-ravers' videos are "SO cool." Yeah, totally -- replace "cool" with "terrifying" and we totally agree with you.

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