New Video: Regina Spektor, 'Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)'

Regina Spektor's asks us not to leave. As if we would ever!

We've been fans of hyper-literate, hyper-melodic Regina Spektor ever since we saw the princess of folk-pop open up for The Strokes back in 2003. Almost a decade after she dropped her 11:11 debut, Regina unfurled her "Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)" video at VH1. "Don't Leave Me" is the latest from her What We Saw from the Cheap Seats album, which we've been jamming consistently since its release in May. And given our level of Stan-ship, you probably can''t even imagine how enamored we are of the new video, so just stop trying.

Oh, and apparently we're not alone. Regina's new album debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 Album chart. For way longtime listeners of Regina, some may recognize the song from her self-released album Songs, but the rest of us are treated to a reimagined version of the pop plea not to go. Don't worry Regina, we won't.

+ Watch Regina Spektor's "Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)" video, and watch her perform "Fidelity" on VH1's "Big Morning Buzz" after the jump.

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