Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, Wynter Gordon + More: Top 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week"!

This week's roundup features a knockout debut single by a brand-new "X Factor" alum, as well as some crunchy tunes by two of my favorite alt-pop princesses. And now that summer's in full swing, we've got a few anthems made for frolicking under the sun all day. Or your cubicle.

1.) Sky Ferreira, "Red Lips"

Alt-indie-pop goddess, fashion "It girl" and all-around musical savior Sky Ferreira is finally returning to music properly to relieve of us this Ferreira-less drought with her first new release in months, "Red Lips." Teaming up with Shirley Manson (!!!) and pop producer Greg Kurstin, Ferreira's crafted an incredible, snarling new anthem that would fit snugly somewhere within Garbage's discography -- her very own "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)." "Such a big girl, such big talk, such big news," Ferreira sarcastically croons on the crashing, menacing chorus.

Though the crashing drums and guitars are a slightly new sound for the previously electro-pop minded princess (à la "One"), it's a nice reminder that Sky's got way more than one genre up her sleeves. Pucker up!


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2.) Charli XCX, "You're The One"

LDN club kid and goth-pop princess Charli XCX has been on the fast track to superstardom over the past year, having unleashed "Stay Away" (one of my Top 10 songs of last year, hands down) and "Nuclear Seasons," a springy, '80s-infused mixture of Gwen Stefani's bubble pop and Marina And The Diamonds' dramatic dark-pop.

"You're The One," the lead track off of her debut U.S. EP (out today), proves that she's got plenty to offer when her debut LP finally rolls around. Quivering on top of a gritty, winding synthesized beat that brings The Knife's "Heartbeats" to mind, Charlie gets positively swoon-y -- well, Charli style: "You're the one that came along and unlocked the cage/ Now I'm dancing in the dark," Charli cries, trembling above the bouncy chorus. It's everything Charli's best at: dark, deadly and entirely danceable.


3.) Wynter Gordon, "Still Getting Younger"

Last year, NYC native and dance floor queen Wynter Gordon released With The Music I Die EP Stateside, an unbelievable collection of next-level dance pop productions like "Til Death" and "Buy My Love." At long last, she's just released a video for "Still Getting Younger," a gorgeous electronica production crafted alongside Empire Of The Sun's Nick Littlemore.

Breaking out the big (water) guns, Gordon and her beau do some serious damage on the Brooklyn rooftop, all while set to the tune of her sparkling gem, perfectly timed as a must-have for your summer soundtrack. "Our love will never end!" she cries aloud. Jump in the car and pump this one loud with the windows down -- I promise you'll feel infinite, Catcher In The Rye style.


4.) Misha B, "Home Run"

"X Factor U.K." has dealt us our fair share of overnight superstars, from Leona Lewis to Alexandra Burke to One Direction. Now, Misha B., one of the newest alums of the massively successful franchise, has come full-force with her debut single. In "Home Run," the fourth place finalist's debut single across the pond, the twentysomething songstress teamed up with 17-year-old producer/pop wunderkind MNEK for a bold, slightly insane o'clock introduction to the world filled with grinding beats, synths and finger-snaps. Is it a power ballad? Dubstep? Drum and bass? Dance? Reggae? The answer to all these questions: Yes. With shades of Rihanna, Cher Lloyd and Katy B, I don't know exactly what Misha's done (done done), but it's a home run.


5.) Alexandra Stan, "Lemonade"

If like myself, you've ever caught yourself thinking, "Man, I wish there was a song about having no money and sipping a refreshing beverage by the same songstress who brought us last Year's sax-y club smash, 'Mr. Saxobeat,'" YOU'RE IN LUCK. Romanian Queen of Pop Alexandra Stan is back for more, squeezing together a heaping helping of Ace of Base dark reggae-dub beats and some accordion to boot! "Sunny, happy rhythm music, no money, I'm taking you on holiday/ Sippin' yellow lemonade," Stan merrily croons on the feel-good chorus. Between the delightfully nonsense lyrics, impossibly catchy groove (and a fashionable dubstep breakdown too!), you'd be hard-pressed to turn down a glass of what Stan's serving this summer.


Bradley Stern is a writer from Connecticut. In his spare time, he enjoys organizing his Britney Spears CD collection in reverse chronological order and plotting the various ways in which he will bring down Katy Perry to become Rihanna's best friend. But most of all, he spends his time tweeting musing daily about pop music on his blog, MuuMuse.

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