Watch Electric Guest's 'PUSH Live' 'This Head I Hold' Performance (VIDEO)

Electric Guest

Electric Guest is aliiiiive!

With a little production help from Danger Mouse, Electric Guest stormed out of L.A. this year with a sound that's both Motown classic and electro fresh on their debut album, Mondo. In their exclusive "PUSH Live" performance, we get to see the band bring their mad scientist jams out of Danger Mouse's secret laboratory and into a less Frankenstein-friendly space.

The duo's "This Head I Hold" is dance music circa 1964 -- we can totally see The Supremes killing it while doing adorable choreographed hand motions. But singer Asa Taccone's moves are more Thom Yorke than Diana Ross, which is the kind of dancing (like nobody's watching!) we can get into. We're not sure what he's doing at 1:03, but we're going to bust that one at our next party because it works for him, and we're hoping it'll work for us too. Mr. Mouse sits this one out, but the band has no trouble re-creating its atmospheric studio sound as a high-energy keys-and-drums performance. Clear off your desk, you're going to need some room to move.

+ Watch Electric Guest's "PUSH Live" performance of "This Head I Hold."