Listen To A Preview Of Justin Bieber's 'Right Here,' Featuring Drake

Justin Bieber and Drake are the best boyfriends ever on 'Right Here.'

It's a rare thing to find a heartthrob who'll promise to always be there for you. Amazingly on "Right Here," the latest from Justin Bieber's upcoming album, Believe, both Justin Bieber and Canadian comrade Drake promise to stick around for breakfast. How are these guys legally allowed on the same track? It's just too much swag.

Listen to a preview of Justin Bieber's "Right Here," featuring Drake, after the jump.

On the one-minute sneak, we hear a smooth hip-hop track made hot by producer Hit-Boy, perhaps most famous for creating the Kanye West and Jay-Z megahit "Paris." Rather than rapping, both Justin and Drizzy take to their crooning sides, singing to the ladies they promise to stay with forever-eva on this small sampling of the song. (Justin mentions that he's "right here" about 100,000 times in a row -- clingy, much?) Oh, if we could only be so lucky.

The full version of "Right Here" is set to drop on Justin Bieber's forthcoming album, Believe, out June 19.

+ Listen to a snippet of Justin Bieber's "Right Here," featuring Drake.