New Video: Sammy Adams, 'Only One'

Don't say we didn't warn you about badass rapper Sammy Adams, guys. Dude is about to blow the eff up. Before he does, we wanna write about him so we can get some credit later on. If you haven't already heard of  the Cambridge, Mass. native, then allow us to fill you in: While attending college, Sammy had the dope idea to release his own version of Asher Roth's "I Love College," aptly titled "I Hate College." Shortly after, Sammy's independently released Boston's Boy disc shot to the top of the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap chart on its first day out, even surpassing albums from Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled. NBD.

Watch Sammy Adams' "Only One" video after the jump. 

Cut to present day: Sammy just released the video for his single "Only One," and it's a full-on banger. In the video, Sammy and a hot blonde chick attend a party and hang with a bunch of really well-dressed pals. Stuff gets a little rowdy, and a fight may or may not have broken out. But who cares -- all we can focus on is Sammy's slick rhymes and how GORG the blonde girl he's hooking up with is. The duo ends up on a beach for a nighttime bonfire (natch), and before we know it, their clothes are off and we presume they're naked somewhere in the ocean. Or off doing some other stuff. Scandal!

+ Watch Sammy Adams' "Only One" video.