Justin Bieber Conducts An Entire Interview In A British Accent, It's The Best Thing We've Ever Seen (VIDEO)

It's always been our personal belief that the only thing in this entire world that might make Justin Bieber just a leeeetle bit better is if he had a British accent. And now IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Well, kind of.

Justin Bieber has been on a whirlwind tour of Europe, and during his latest stop off in London (the very same city that inspired him to wear a bejeweled surgical mask) he made an appearance at the Summertime Ball 2012. But before taking on the massive Wembley Stadium, Justin spoke with Capital FM radio presenter Will Cozens, and conducted the entire interview in a British accent! As in, no slips out of character, just a full-on, full-blown sexy-ass British accent the entire time. BOOM, we die! Deceased. As if our intense attraction to JB didn't make us uncomfortable enough, it's now just tripled. Damn it.

+ Watch Justin Bieber's faux British accent in his Capital FM interview.

Photo credit: Getty Images