Star Spotting: Please Do Not Forget That Gwen Stefani Is A Supermom

Gwen Stefani, proving once again that she is unaffected by the aging process.

It's like, let us count the ways that Gwen Stefani is NOT a normal human being. First, does this lady age? Because according to our calculations, she is forty-effing-two years old but has skin as taut as a newborn that's yet to be exposed to the aging effects of sunlight. Oh, and... BABIES! Gwen has given birth to TWO of 'em and still has a flatter stomach than me is still impeccably bangin'.

Gwen and her two ADORBZ boys, Kingston and Zuma, were spotted toting gifts while en route to a birthday party on Saturday. Riiiiight, so not only is Gwen a bona fide fashion designer but she's also a full-time mama while putting the finishing touches on a brand-new No Doubt album. What's next for this chick? Joining the 2012 Olympic equestrian team? Because that team is an actual thing, and if anyone could win a gold medal for controlling a live animal, it'd be Gwen.

Photo credit: Splash News