Cher Lloyd Shows Us How To Lose A Guy In 5 Ways (VIDEO)

'Want U Back' singer Cher Lloyd  gives deadbeat dudes the peace-out sign.

It's no secret that we love Cher Lloyd. Why? Because when she's not busy being a living doll, she's just a regular girl (except, well, basically much prettier and way more talented) navigating her way through the treacherous waters of dating. Actually, strike that last part -- she may not be "navigating," since she's now affianced to hot boyfriend Craig Monk, but that's even more reason why everyone should pay attention to what this gal has to say about dudes: She knows what she's doing.

Watch Cher explain the best five ways to dump your boyfriend after the jump. 

Fresh off driving a hard breakup bargain in her "Want U Back" video, Cher stopped by Buzzworthy to demonstrate "How To Lose A Guy In 5 Ways," a play on romcom "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" (ohhhh, Kate Hudson, you irresistible hippie imp, you!). Cher came up with five different surefire methods to kick your DB ex-BF to the curb, in case you've played him "Want U Back" over and over again to no avail, and you've gotten to the point where you're like "FINE! I'M RE-BREAKING UP WITH YOU!" (And who hasn't been there, hm?)

Cher's breakup techniques range from a sweet and mature sit-down discussion to some rather aggressive methods. We won't spill all of Cher's tricks yet, but we will say that if sending an email or text doesn't work, Cher recommends you cop a can of spray paint and hopefully have a getaway car parked nearby. Your mileage may vary.

Watch Cher Lloyd explain "How To Lose A Guy In 5 Ways," and watch her "Want U Back" video.