Lady Gaga Takes Alien-Like Self-Portrait, Was DEFINITELY Not Born This Way (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga spends the evening taking ridiculous self-portraits.

It's always SUPER surprising to learn that Lady Gaga does like, regular stuff. We imagine her spending late nights visiting butchers to pick out dresses, taking medieval horseback riding lessons, or figuring out the next way to steal Rainbow Brite's glory. In reality, Gaga's at home taking strange photos of herself on her computer. See? There's a little Gaga in all of us.

Mother Monster may give off a never-gonna-sleep/ "Marry The Night" vibe, but she actually prefers to kick back, take some GPOYs and share them on her Twitter (along with the very sweet caption: "Goodnight little monsters"). While we know she's using a filter to get that Keane Eyes look, part of us wonders if this Gaga's working on a creepy squished-alien character to add to her very thorough persona portfolio OR perhaps she's trying on personae for her upcoming album, the title of which won't be revealed until September, by the way! Guys, the woman pulled up to the Grammys in an effing egg (BTW never getting over that), so anything could be happening here.

Photo credit: @ladygaga