Nearly Naked Model Chicks Are Prominently Featured In Flo Rida's New 'Run' & 'Hey Jasmin' Videos

Flo Rida reveals his "Run" and "Hey Jasmin" videos... which are very revealing.

In between recording his own version of Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" and prepping to drop his Wild Ones album, Flo Rida's been busy filming not one but TWO music videos, both of which include a generous variety of model chicks wearing very little. But what did you expect?

Watch Flo Rida's "Run" and "Hey Jasmin" videos after the jump. 

First up is "Run," which features a verse by professional party rocker, Redfoo of LMFAO. While we don't have many complaints about the song (it's your standard club banger), we do have to take a second to call out the video. There's definitely nothing too noteworthy about a hot chick in a bikini (it's hot in Flo... rida!), but we're not quite sure about an entire video dedicated to slo-mo shots (the gratuitous likes of which we haven't seen since Drake's "Best I Ever Had" video) of a bikini-wearing babe running on the sand "Baywatch" style. You can practically hear the cartoon boooooo-ooy-yoing sound coming from some distant little speaker on your computer. The only practical application we can derive from the video is that it also serves as a PSA warning women worldwide that if you're above a B cup, you should definitely wear a sports bra! We're not gonna tell you not to watch this video, but only indulge if you're dying to know what breast implants in slow motion look like.

Next up is "Hey Jasmin," and though it doesn't feature any slo-mo rack shots, it too features hot chicks. (I, for one, am TIRED of not seeing ugly girls in videos! Basic chicks? WHERE YOU AT?) The video puts Flo in his element (the club, duh), where he rides solo and eyes a babe presumably named Jasmine. The two play it coy for a while, for Flo Rida is a gentleman, but who are we kidding: Flo Rida closes the deal in the end. And look, we're not judging! Even though we don't need to watch a pair of implants get sandy, Flo Rida is buff, rich and famous. We can't blame any girl for trying to tap it and trap it.

Watch Flo Rida's "Run" and "Hey Jasmin" videos. 

Photo credit: Chad Griffith

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