New Video: Robin Thicke, 'All Tied Up'

Does the term "pantydropper" mean anything to you? Because if so, multiply that meaning to the nth power and you've got the degree to which Robin Thicke's new video, "All Tied Up," is going to make you wanna explore your sexuality IMMEDIATELY with either a partner or yourself... but in a safe, consensual way, OBVIOUSLY! (Also, pardon me while I have a slight meltdown and pummel myself with a firehose.)

Watch Robin Thicke's "All Tied Up" video after the jump. 

After watching "All Tied Up" 80,000 times while sitting alone in the dark, I noticed a few things: First, and no disrespect to the hot model in the video because, erm, huhloow, look at that bod, but that chick is NOT as bangin' as Robin's IRL wifey Paula Patton! (Those two were so en fuego in Robin's "Love After War" video that we'd throw honits at the opportunity to see them pair up again. Well, more like one-its, since we have zero honits.)

Also, anyone else feel like Robin sounds EXACTLY like Michael McDonald? Like, in the second half of the chorus when Robin is all la la la "I get lonely," I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one envisioning my dad jamming out to "Takin' It To The Streets." Oh no. I've just referenced Robin Thicke, Paula Patton and my dad in basically the same breathe. FML.

Last but certainly not least is this: OMFG Robin Thicke isn't wearing a shirt, and he looks ON POINT! Clearly, dude has been hitting the gym and we're not sure why he's not half naked on his new show, "Duets." Not even for us, but for the ratings! (OK, that last part is a huge lie. Definitely for us.)

Watch Robin Thicke's "All Tied Up" video: