Wiz Khalifa Gets 'Punk'd' By Mac Miller... Kind Of (VIDEO)

Wiz Khalifa: Un-Punk-able!

Don't underestimate Wiz Khalifa. Sure, he might love to "Work Hard, Play Hard" and may have an extra-large affection for "greenery," but that doesn't mean his ass can't smell a juicy punking from a mile away. In last night's season finale of MTV's "Punk'd, Wiz's Rostrum Records cohort Mac Miller tried to prank his pal Wiz, but sadly, he failed -- and big time.

Here's what went down: Wiz is pulled over by the cops and accused of robbing a "weed shop." Wiz laughs it off and is all "Ha ha, whatt??" But the cops are relentless in their questioning. Because they're cops, and that's what they do. The cops get kinda pissed, but Wiz stays high cool, calm and collected the entire time. In fact, "The Grinder" rapper is so sure he's being tricked that he pops back in his car and hits up his soon-to-be-wifey, Amber Rose, and LITERALLY calls out the fact that he's being Punk'd: "Guess what baby? I'm being Punk'd right now!" Damn it! Nobody beats... or Punks... The Wiz. Try harder next time, Mac, and remember, weed jokes are no laughing matter.

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