Artist Of The Day: Goldroom

When we think of summer, we think of crashing waves, palm trees, Meat Lover's pizzas (personal thing, don't ask) and the breezy sounds of L.A. producer Goldroom. The blissed-out project stems from the mind of artist-producer Josh Legg, who's already bringing his sundown-on-Sunset Boulevard sound to the world. He's played shows in Columbia, Mexico, Poland and Sweden, and that was just this spring. Goldroom's also intent on conquering that other coast -- he made his New York debut last month with Haim and St. Lucia.

His breakthrough track,"Fifteen," from his self-released Angeles EP, has earned praise from cool-hunters including Pitchfork and the Fader, and it's notched a No. 1 spot on the Hype Machine charts. Pretty sure that means dude's already won the internet. The chilled-out, synth-soaked track is "one is for warmer weather and hazy places," Legg wrote on Facebook, in case there were any doubts. With an assist from Australian singer Chela, it's a slow-motion anthem for a teenage daze: "We were only 15, 15/floating through the slipstream," she sings.

Goldroom's also making a splash with his remix skills, working his electro voodoo on Penguin Prison, Niki and the Dove and Alpine. Get into Goldroom's summer sound now, before he blows up and plays summer festivals you can't afford. -- David Greenwald

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