POSTED: Usher Chats 'Climax' And New Movie Role

We've been gunning for an official Usher Month since forever, and it looks like our dream came true -- he's MTV's POSTED artist for June! Start your summer getting "Caught Up" in exclusive interviews and more with the sexy singer. This week, things already get hot and heavy when we learn what Usher's "Climax" is all about. We also get the scoop on the singer's upcoming movie role. (You can find us fanning ourselves in the corner, BTW.)

Watch Usher chat about "Climax" and preparing for his new movie role after the jump.

Up first, Usher spills on what his smash single "Climax" is really about. While we had our own beliefs about the tune's intentions (ahem), Usher confesses that it's really about "a clever way of talking about breaking up." He discusses that particular moment in a relationship where "you need to make the decision to stick together... or you reached a climax and it's over." Not only is Usher sexy as hell, he knows how to rock a metaphor.

Usher then dishes about playing infamous boxer Sugar Ray Leonard (!!!) in the 2013 film "Hands Of Stone." He talks about depriving himself of food and even jokes that he may snap at any moment from being so hungry! While we don't promote skipping meals to look good, we can't stop wondering if this means there will be plenty of shirtless scenes of Usher boxing. BRB, daydreaming about that for the rest of the day.

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