Kelly Clarkson Is A Blonde Now! (PHOTO)

Kelly Clarkson is a blonde bombshell!

"Dark Side" no more! We've been raving about how hot Kelly Clarkson's been looking for weeks now, and just when we thought she couldn't get any better she went and stepped her beauty game up by dying her hair blonde. BOOM.

The newly dyed "Duets" judge was snapped yesterday while leaving the BBC Radio 1 studio in London. Dressed casually in red pants, sandals and a T-shirt, Kel's amazing blonde locks were flowing and she seemed totally happy and at ease with her new look. We're not quite sure if this newfound oomph is because she's got herself a hot new man or a hot new reality show, but whatever it is, we likey! Also, might your T-shirt have The Jackson 5 on it? Because if so, WE NEED IT.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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