Star Spotting: It Appears That Lana Del Rey Does NOT Like Flying

Lana Del Rey looks very angry but very pretty at the airport.

Nobody likes to travel (um helloooo, middle seats, ear-popping, screaming babies, turbulence, rinse, repeat). Which is why Lana Del Rey's expression is basically like "... please" at New York City's JFK airport after arriving on a flight from L.A. On the bright side, the "Dayglo Reflection" singer looks absolutely STUNNING while rocking an all-black everything ensemble, her trademark INSANELY good nails, and hair so voluminous it literally should be its own Pantene ad.

Lana's been riding high off the success of her album Born To Die, and although she's received some flak for her less-than-stellar live performance skills, it's honestly like, do we even care? Because that face! When I step off a plane, I'm bloated, dehydrated and have bags under my eyes that are bigger than the bags in which I packed my stuff. When Lana Del Rey steps off a plane, she looks like Gisele. Stars: absolutely, positively nothing like us in any way ever.

Photo Credit: Splash News