New Video: Kanye West Featuring Big Sean, Pusha T, And 2 Chainz, 'Mercy'

Finally! Yeezy dropped the long-teased visuals for his G.O.O.D. Music +1 posse jam, "Mercy." Kanye West teams up with frequent collaborator Nabil to pay homage to the Teletubbies with this stripped-down, monochromatic music video featuring Kanye, Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz (because he's still legally required to be on every good rap song) dancing in an empty parking garage, save for a Lamborghini Murci, obvi. I'm guessing this was shot while Kanye and his crew were out in Abu Dhabi or Qatar, or wherever, shooting "Cruel Summer" because the gang is still all decked out in the postapocalyptic, desert biker gear that Kanye's continued to run with since the "Run This Town" video. There's also a scene-stealing Kid Cudi dancing as hard as he can in and out from behind random pillars in the garage; he's not on "Mercy" but was around for the Middle East adventures.

Watch Kanye West's "Mercy" video after the jump.

I've listened to this song a lot (because it's great) since it dropped in April, and the one part that always gets me is when 2 Chainz comes in with his signature "Yeeeahhh" right at the end of Kanye's "Move in the lobby" line -- it's just such a perfectly placed drop. So even though we see a somewhat restrained 2 Chainz in this video (as far as hilarious arm movement dancing goes) I really like that he pops up lampin' against the wall during Ye's verse to subtly drop his ad lib in the background. Other than Pusha's "Roof gone, George Jefferson" line, 2 Chainz clearly has the best verse on the track. So maybe in an effort to not have Chainz' folk hero status outshine the whole crew on wax and film, Kanye kept him a little subdued. For Cudi's sake, I'm sure.

+ Watch Kanye West's "Mercy" video (explicit).