Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Pets Some Puppets On 'El Hormiguero'

Justin Bieber stops by 'El Hormiguero' to sing 'Boyfriend' and pet some ant puppets. WTF. 

While we've been sitting in bed Google image searching him, Justin Bieber has been busy touring "All Around The World" to promote his new album, Believe. Most recently, JB landed in Madrid where he made an appearance on "El Hormiguero," a Spanish TV show. On the surface, everything seemed pretty normal -- Justin was dressed like a boss, his hair was perfectly coiffed and he performed an acoustic version of his single, “Boyfriend.” But next thing we know, Justin is all smiles while petting some bizarre ant puppets. After some digging, we discovered that these stuffed insects are actually a staple of "El Hormiguero" and lots of celebs pet them.

No offense to those things or the tradition at "El Hormiguero," but those ant puppets are straight up UG-LY. It's a real testament to Justin's innate hotness that he can look THAT handsome while posing with them. But also, his hair's looking really good these days. That probably helps.

Photo credit: Splash News