New Song: Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris, 'All Around The World'

Justin Bieber and Ludacris hit the club in 'All Around The World.'

The boys are back in town, the gang's all here or whatever the best saying is to commemorate this very special day: Justin Bieber and Ludacris have teamed up once again. Luda and the Biebs killed the collabo game dead when they released Justin's "Baby," and today the bros are back at it, this time with a fist-pumping club banger, "All Around The World."

Listen to Justin Bieber's "All Around The World," featuring Ludacris, after the jump. 

It's no secret that Justin's been expanding his horizons, but "All Around The World" hits so many musical marks, we're not sure where to start. First, this jam is a bona fide club record -- as in "I'm sweating my b***s off in a disco somewhere in Ibiza" club record. Touching on some David Guetta-esque vibes, Justin's R&B-tinged vocals add a lushness to the song that will not only guarantee its success on the charts, but will probably make JB's female fans pass out from excessive swooning. That, and he sings lyrics like this: "You're beautiful, beautiful/ You should know it/ I think it's time that you show it..." We DIE. We're DEAD. DECEASED.

The only thing powerful enough to rouse us from our Bieber-induced blackout is Luda and his sick rhymes: "Once again, dynamic duos are back!/ JB, Luda!/ I love everything about you/ You're imperfectly perfect/ Everyone's itching for beauty/But they're just scratching the surface." You guys are totally talking about me, right?

+ Listen to Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris, "All Around The World." 

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