Justin Timberlake Interviews Taylor Swift For Walmart, It's VERY Odd And Amazing At The Same Time (VIDEO)

Justin Timberlake interviews Taylor Swift about her love of Walmart. WTF.

We'll be honest and admit that we have absolutely ZERO clue what Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake have to do with Walmart (except all three entities have A LOT of money). But both Taylor and Justin were invited to the Walmart Shareholders Meeting in Fayetteville, Ark., last week, and what ensued is perhaps the most bizarre and incredible four-minute video we have ever seen.

Watch Justin Timberlake interview Taylor Swift after the jump. 

Justin Timberlake played host for the evening and took the stage to talk to thousands of Walmart fans (?). He soon informed the crowd that he wanted to introduce them to a "real" Walmart customer who he would interview about their Walmart shopping experience. As it turns out, this "real" Walmart shopper was actually Taylor Swift. Taylor, who was also a guest performer at the Shareholders Meeting, seemed more than thrilled to chat about pressing customer service issues -- her favorite Walmart location and the helpful Walmart staff. During her interview with Justin, we also learn that Taylor's favorite Walmart items include but are not limited to: candy, electronics, "Law & Order" DVDs, and cat toys. Naturally.

We can't say we ever thought we'd be writing about a Walmart-themed Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift video (especially one involving a vuvuzela), but we've done a lot things we thought we'd never try. (EXCEPT for drugs!) Mission accomplished, Walmart PR!

+ Watch Justin Timberlake interview Taylor Swift for Walmart. (Via Idolator.)

Photo credit: Walmart's Flickr

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