fun. And Janelle Monae Deliver A Dapper Performance Of 'We Are Young' At The 2012 MTV Movie Awards

The lesson we need to take away from fun.'s performance of their smash "We Are Young" at the MTV Movie Awards is that it's impossible to NOT like fun. (Both the band and fun itself.) Lead singer Nate Ruess donned shoes for the occasion (which is a rarity) and led his equally dapper white tuxedo-clad bandmates in a killer performance of the universe's unofficial summer anthem.

Another lesson we need to take away from fun.'s Movie Awards performance: Vanilla Ice loves this song. The Movie Awards camera panned away to catch various celebs between shots of the band's performance, and it turns out Robert Matthew Van Winkle is, in fact, on the fun. train. Also along for the ride: Channing Tatum. Were those the words you were lip-syncing there, bro? (Your secret's safe with us.)

Janelle Monae joined fun. on stage, dressed in her usual adorable lady-tuxedo uniform, and a gospel choir of look-alikes helped carry us home. There's a reason "We Are Young," off of fun.'s Some Nights album, has topped almost every Billboard chart in the U.S. (and several more around the world) -- these dudes have moxie. Even without the falling slo-mo disco balls, we're into it.

+ Watch fun. and Janelle Monae perform "We Are Young" at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards after the jump.