Drake And Kim Kardashian Get 'Punk'd' By Ashton Kutcher! (VIDEO)

Drake gets Punk'd by the godfather of all Punk-ing, Ashton Kutcher.

Ashton Kutcher is the brainiac behind MTV's "Punk'd," so you might imagine that when he comes back to get his Punk on, he gets it on BIG. For his glorious return to the world of pranking, Ashton decided to scare the mascara off of Kim Kardashian and the sweater off of a Drake. Wildly different outcomes ensue.

Watch Drake and Kim Kardashian on "Punk'd" after the jump. 

First up, Ashton gets Drake, which is totally cruel, mean and AMAZING all at the same time. Drake and a pal think they're on their way to meet the vice president. NBD. Once they reach the garage, the car starts shaking, things that should be affixed to the ceiling start falling down all around them, and they realize they're in the midst of a giant earthquake! Everything goes from bad to worse when a pregnant lady in the garage starts going into labor when she realizes she can't make it to the hospital because Drake's car is blocking the exit. Drake handles himself fairly well until the earthquake's aftershock -- at which point Drizzy completely loses his mind. Ashton pops up in the nick of time because we're guessing in just about 20 more seconds, Drake would have passed out. Or cried.

Next up is Ashton's prank on Kim Kardashian. Kim and Scott Disick (hissss!) stop to get some gas. Scott "accidentally" drives off with the gas pump still in the car, and the station explodes. (Yeah, oops.) A secondary plotline is revealed when Scott accuses a gas station patron of stealing his wallet. Scott is arrested and Kim is questioned, but she stays miraculously calm the entire time. As it turns out, Scott's wallet is actually in the car (whoops), and just as Kim is getting interrogated by a crazy fan, Ashton reveals that the whole bizarre scenario was just a good, old-fashioned punking!  Nicely done, Mr. Kutcher. It's nice to see the master at work once again.

+ Watch Drake get "Punk'd," then check out Kim Kardashian on "Punk'd."

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