New Video: Chris Brown Featuring Big Sean And Wiz Khalifa, 'Till I Die'

Chris Brown gets the party started in 'Till I Die.'

We'll just call this one right out: Chris Brown looooves to smoke things that aren't cigarettes, and he's now got a music video to prove it. In Chris' "Till I Die" video, Chris grabs his pals Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean and drags them (against their will, we're sure) to a smoking-themed fete.

Watch Chris Brown's "Till I Die" video featuring Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa after the jump. 

Brown's self-directed clip begins in an ordinary, boring office filled with cubicles, pencils and a seriously disgusting watercooler. Everyone looks insanely bored until Chris shows up out of nowhere to get the party started. Not only is Chris dancing on desks, but he also encourages a babe from work to photocopy her butt (#mature). The fun keeps on rolling when Snoop Dogg pulls up in a yellow car to pick up the trio, who all continue to rhyme about smoking a certain medicinal herb: "More drink, pour it up/ More weed, roll it up." Très subtle.

Chris recently tweeted that the "Till I Die" video is dedicated to the late Adam “MCA” Yauch, who passed away from cancer last month. While we're not quite sure this video exactly captures what MCA stood for. We guess it's cool that Chris threw a party in Adam's honor.

Watch Chris Brown's "Till I Die" video featuring Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa.