POSTED: Watch Karmin Rehearse Live Versions Of 'Brokenhearted' And 'Hello'

As we bid adieu to May, we must also say farewell to Karmin as MTV's POSTED artist for the month. (Sadz.) While we'll miss everything about the adorbz "I Told You So" singers (like their thoughts on hip-hop, reflections on past relationships, and their incredible hair), we celebrate their send-off the best way we know how -- with two videos of live versions/rehearsals of their recent hits "Brokenhearted" and "Hello."

Watch Karmin rehearse live versions of "Brokenhearted"and "Hello" after the jump!

The first video catches Karmin doing a run-through of their smash "Brokenhearted." The behind-the-scenes clip catches Amy and the band rocking out on stage sans frills. Amy sneaks in some killer dance moves, but really, it's just all about the live music (and Amy's incredible abs). The next video catches the band dropping a raw version of their hit "Hello" while performing in NYC. The pair's acoustics sound flawless, but we're more digging Nick's use of a wood crate as a bongo. If these two rehearsals are anything like what we can expect from Karmin's live concerts, you can plan on us catching their local show while they're on tour this summer.

Watch more of Karmin's videos over at all month long!

+ Watch Karmin rehearse "Brokenhearted" and "Hello."