Cody Simpson And Joe Jonas Get 'Punk'd'! (VIDEO)

Cody Simpson, you just got Punk'd!

When she's not busy being everyone's favorite cheerio on "Glee", Heather Morris loves to get her prank on! In the latest episode of of MTV's "Punk'd," Heather goes for the gold as she plots to get not one but two teen idols: Cody Simpson and Joe Jonas. Yo, those are some lofty goals, gurl, but we respect 'em!

Watch Joe Jonas and Cody Simpson get "Punk'd" after the jump. 

In her first prank, Heather tries to nail Cody by making him believe his house is getting robbed. As Cody pulls up to his home, he sees a random dude walking out with his golf clubs, his guita and a picture of his family! Cody starts freaking out and just as he's pretty sure it can't get any worse, two other perps appear carrying even more of Cody's stuff. Simpson tries to keep his cool, but he starts to look a little scared after one of the robbers get pissed and starts smashing Cody's guitar on the street. The "So Listen" singer is definitely about to cry when suddenly Heather Morris bursts onto the scene to let Mr. Simpson know that his ass has been PUNK'D. Sorry, Cody -- you may be pretty and all, but that doesn't save you from the wrath of the "Punk'd" gods.

Next up is Heather's prank on Joe Jonas, and we'd venture to say that what went down here is a rarity in "Punk'd" history! As Joe enters a building, a dude carrying a TV asks him for some help loading the TV in a van. Raised well by his mama, of course Joe willingly offers his assistance. Shortly after, Joe learns that the TV he loaded into the van was actually stolen. When the police come to the scene, Joe gets suspicious. After a few rounds of questioning, Jonas realizes something is off and literally calls out the fact that he is in the process of being punked! The moral of the story: One should never punk a JONAS! They scored too high on their SATs or something.

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