Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Being Handsome In A Hansom Cab

Joe Jonas and a pal hop a bicycle cab in Manila.

Joe Jonas is currently playing some shows overseas, and during his time in Manila, he put on his most festive shorts (seriously) and hopped into a bicycle cab. This why we love Joe Jonas -- he's always willing to take risks. He's not afraid to step out in public with his new (possible) girlfriend, he (thankfully) has no problem taking his shirt off at music festivals, and now, he ain't scared to put his life in danger in the seat of a bicycle cab on the wild and crazy streets of Fort Santiago. Ugh, how do I make Joe my international travel partner?

The "Just In Love" singer uploaded the photo to Twitter this morning with the caption "Taking a bicycle cab with Brahms @ Fort Santiago," as he and a pal hopped into the cute little cart and held on for dear life. Also, we feel like we need to note that Joe would be a stellar politician: Look at that half-mast thumbs-up! Joe for Mayor!

Photo credit: @joejonas